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(posted August 19, 2016)
Save the Date - NJLMSC Annual Meeting Sun Oct 23
USMS Olympians
Events Calendar
July / August Birthdays
Annual Jason E. Nessel Memorial Invitational Update
Kudos...Kudos...Kudos...New Records!
The USMS Check off Challenge
3rd Annual Last Chance, End of the Summer 5k Pool Swim
Smile your way through while correcting a common backstroke flaw - by Paul J. Kiell, M.D.
(posted June 24, 2016)
Some fun stuff comin' up! - 2016 UMAC Masters Terrapin Cup & 2016 Colonies Zone LCM Championships & the Jason Nessel Memorial Invitational
Events Calendar
May / June Birthdays
Preparation for Open Water Swimming by Marie Vellucci
Kudos...Kudos...Kudos...New Records!
The USMS Check off Challenge
Let's Hear it for the Grad's - Swim University
(posted April 26, 2016)
Oh What a Night! 2016 Annual Awards Banquet Recap
Events Calendar
March / April Birthdays
Way to go 100 x 100 Participants!
Swimming Saves Lives Foundation
Kudos...Kudos...Kudos...New Records!
Go the Distance update
School's Almost Out at Swim University
Clinic with Olympian Kim Vandenberg Recap!
(posted February 17, 2016)
NJ Masters 2016 Annual Awards Banquet
Events Calendar
January/ February Birthdays
Go the Distance 2015 Numbers
Kudos...Kudos...Kudos...New Records!
Fitness Standout Jorge Lopes - Getting Old is Not for Sissies!
Are We Obligated to Teach Our Children to Swim? An Instightful Article by Paul Kiell
Shake it up with Swim University!
Two Awards Top a Teriffic Year for Bridgette Hobart!
Save the date - 2016 Swim Clinic with Olympian Kim Vandenberg

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