2015 Headline Archives

2015 Annual Awards Banquet

Pictured above left to right; top to bottom

Paul Kiell, Martino Caretto, Dieter Wunderlich, and Jane Fisher share swimming stories and embrace

the camaraderie of Masters Swimming

Don (Peter's good friend) and Peter (McCoy) provide some excellent live entertainment during the cocktail hour

Special keynote speaker, Charlotte Samuels ~~ current world record holder for being the youngest person to

complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Marathon Swimming ~~  enthralling, empowering, and inspiring the

group as she shares her personal swimming journey from the pool to the open water

The happy faces of most of the 2015 NJ Masters Swimming Annual Award Banquet attendees

following a wonderful evening of celebrating Masters Swimming in New Jersey

The 2015 NJ Masters Swimming Lou Abel Distinguished Service Award winner, Bill Reichle and

his wife, Beth Maloney enjoying their evening together sharing their long-term passion and involvement in

NJ Masters Swimming during the banquet

Dieter Wunderlich exudes his enthusiasm while accepting his 25-year NJ LMSC Continuous Membership

Recognition Program milestone award

Ken Niemi and Chris McGiffin proudly accept their 20-year NJ LMSC Continuous Membership Recognition

Program milestone awards

Erik Werfel, Kathleen Carlyon, Mike Lavitt, and David Goldberg happily accept their 10-year NJ LMSC

Continuous Membership Recognition Program milestone awards.

Thank you again to all of our members and their guests who attended this year's banquet! And we hope

that even more of our NJ LMSC members will join us next year to celebrate Masters Swimming in New Jersey!