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April 26, 2010
UPDATED Announcing the Jason E. Nessel Memorial Invitational Long Course meet at the Walter E. Ulrich pool in Rahway River Park on August 7, 2010 at 8am (7:15am warmup).  You must be USMS registered to participate. VOLUNTEER TIMERS ARE NEEDED...FREE coffee, donuts, bagels and other treats for all volunteers! Click here for meet entry form 
April 24, 2010
The Sussex County YMCA hosted their spring mini-meet on April 24, 2010. Click here for results!
April 23, 2010
Announcing an open water clinic given by Jeff Jotz at Lake Hopatcong NJ on June 19, 2010 from 10am to 1pm.  You must be USMS registered to participate.  $40 by June 14. Click here clinic information 
April 13, 2010
Congratulations to Andrea Luallen-Egg for setting a new NJ LMSC SCY record at the New England LMSC SCY Championships at Harvard University on March 26, 2010

Andrea Luallen-Egg, 44 100 Back  1:04.41
April 12, 2010
April 2010 FastLane posted!
April 12, 2010
The April Antics meet (formerly known as 'March Madness') was held on April 10, 2010 at the John Witherspoon Pool in Princeton. Click here for results Congratulations to the following NJLMSC swimmers for setting new NJ LMSC SCY records at the April Antics meet!

Nancy Steadman-Martin, 55 100 Back  1:12.99
Nancy Steadman-Martin, 55 100 Fly  1:10.81

Steve Droste 200 Back  2:02.21
William Segal, 45 200 Free  1:50.76 50-54
Andrew Maggion, 54 200 Free  2:00.67
Jim Dragon, 65 100 Free  59.02
Jim Dragon, 65 100 Breast  1:12.84
April 4, 2010
 Go The Distance

CONGRATULATIONS to the NJ LMSC for their continued strong participation in this event! Out of all LMSCs, New Jersey is #5! This event is open to ALL registered USMS members.  To participate, simply submit your total yardage in your on-line FLOG (under MyUSMS). For more details about this fitness event, go to GO THE DISTANCE on the USMS website.

Top (5) LMSCs  as of March 31,  2010:
Pacific                     12,825 miles
Southern Pacific   7,597 miles
New England         6,560 miles 
Florida                     5,214 miles
New Jersey            4,881 miles

"Go the Distance" at the end of March 2010
Name Age Miles
Sandra L Carosi F44 216.98
David Juchniewicz M56 192.95
Nancy Steadman Martin F56 175.66
Jennifer L Bauman F38 162.57
Lynn Ascione F43 157.33
Richard C Clew M45 116.54
Anne-France A Saillot F48 104.9
Timothy J Christian M48 94.49
Jean Rutter F51 91.48
Bridgette A Hobart F48 90.34
Erika Maresca F36 90.28
Steve Glassman M62 90.06
Michael S Sirkin M47 87.95
June F Carson F62 87.04
Karen L Charen F50 83.04
Marie H Vellucci F61 81.5
Sherri A Plunkett F44 80.48
Curtis Miller M50 80.05
Michael Fanelli M56 78.13
Gail F Seelig F60 77.22
James C Esposito M31 77.22
Lisa E Picek F31 76.53
Leigh G Segal F45 75.81
Rocco J Celentano M41 71.05
Beth B Alemy F39 70.28
Jenny M Fowler F28 70.17
Douglas S Miller M38 68.72
Robert E Franks M53 68.41
Lisa D Rivera F28 68.07
Jay Muldoon M55 67.98
Susan Kirk F50 65.17
Rosanne Lemongello F48 63.25
Neile A Cooper F35 60.44
Barry A Bachenheimer M40 59.74
Brian Hopkins M34 59.72
Mary M Teel F57 58.86
Sara H Johnston F46 56.82
Suzanne Ceravolo F47 55.03
Jerry A Katz M72 54.86
Carol R Morman F58 54.11
Carol A Martyniuk F58 52.13
Joseph C Flanagan M46 51.76
Edward M Tirpack M55 51.7
Robert A Scott M45 51.25
Anthony Robinson M38 48.86
Rich Johnston M46 44.6
Kathleen A Reynolds F61 44.32
Nancy Finn F49 43.64
Amy S Carow F49 43.1
Elise M Tatham F63 40.75
Janice E Baker F50 40.34
Peter L Van Nuis M57 40.09
Amy Campbell F49 39.82
Julie A Sheaffer F46 39.47
Mark S Hoffman M49 39.46
Carrie A Fellens F36 38.82
Michael P May M32 37.87
Susan W Olesky F54 37.73
Nancy G Moore F53 37.07
Paula M Pyrcz F65 34.94
Edward F O'Hara M64 32.5
Rosemarie I Strawn F48 31.39
James W Curd M44 31.35
Larry E Lengle M77 31.19
Ed M Tsuzuki M52 31.13
Ursula Kohama F53 30.63
Rick Schluter M54 29.66
Cynthia Orinski F54 24.94
Ron Sabo M65 24
Ilse Wolfe F46 22.16
Elizabeth B Burton F45 20.82
Michael O Lavitt M52 20.47
Peter T Mc Coy M60 20.4
Chip Freund M48 19.8
Ronald A Loria M55 18.58
Edward Buscemi M34 17.54
William R Haas M75 16.12
Ronald J Epstein M43 14.29
Chris Lowe M50 11.67
Ellen N Kranefuss F50 11.59
Bill Schuller M50 11.31
Mary Roodkowsky F57 10.77