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July 19, 2010
NEW USMS Swimming Program forming at: Raritan Bay Area-YMCA-Perth Amboy Branch 365 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy NJ, 08861 (732) 442-3632, Email:

NEW ten (10) Lane Competition Swimming Pool -  25 yards x 25 meter Competition depth, starting blocks; pace clock; spectators gallery, etc. Practices run by certified USA/USMS Swim Coach.   

COMPLIMENTARY  WEEK (July 19th – July 23rd)
Monday          July 19th:   7:00 am - 8:30am
Tuesday         July 20th:   12:00 noon - 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (evening)
Wednesday    July 21st:   7:00 am - 8:30 am  and12:00 noon - 1:30 pm
Thursday        July 22nd:  12:00 noon - 1:30 am and 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (evening)
Friday            July 23rd:   7:00 am - 8:30 am and 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

Arrive a few minutes early, for there is a waiver all new participants will need to complete.   At the conclusion of the complimentary week, swimmers can register and continuing practicing through the remaining (5) weeks of the summer session (starts Monday, July 26th - August 28th).  Session rates: Member $50.00/Non-member $70.00.  Fall 2010 session details TBA   Questions regarding practices and/or lessons: contact Coach Thaddeus Gamory, at Questions regarding YMCA membership and other aquatic programs, contact Aquatic Director, Jeff Craven at:
July 12, 2010
The Records and Tabulation Committee, along with the History and Archives Committee is pleased to announce the inclusion of Top Ten swims dating back to 1971 (as far back as it has been documented) on  Previously, the on-line top ten listings only went back to 1993.  The complete listings can now be searched and displayed at
July 12, 2010
New Jersey Masters Swimming T-shirts available for purchase The NJ LMSC board is pleased to offer New Jersey Masters Swimming t-shirts to our members for purchase. The proceeds will be used towards offsetting some of the costs of continuing to provide the annual 100 x 100s NJ LMSC event free of charge to all registered NJ Masters swimmers. The t-shirts are short-sleeved black Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton and have the New Jersey Masters Swimming small logo on the left chest area and the U.S. Masters Swimming large logo on the back of the shirt. The shirts are $20.00 each and are available in unisex sizes Med, Large, and X-Large. If you would like to have a shirt mailed to you, then there will be an additional $2.50 shipping charge. If you are interested in ordering a New Jersey Masters Swimming t-shirt, please contact Susan Kirk at  

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July 6, 2010
Go The Distance

CONGRATULATIONS to the NJ LMSC for their continued strong participation in this event! Out of all LMSCs, New Jersey remains in the #5 spot with almost 10,000 miles logged.  New Jersey is #4 in total number of participants with 96! The Colonies Zone is the #1 Zone with 53,724 miles! This event is open to ALL registered USMS members.  To participate, simply submit your total yardage in your on-line FLOG (under MyUSMS). For more details about this fitness event, go to GO THE DISTANCE on the USMS website.

Top (5) LMSCs  as of April 30,  2010:
Pacific                     26,400 miles  228 swimmers
Southern Pacific   14,400 miles  121 swimmers
New England         13,100 miles  110 swimmers
Florida                     11,200 miles  88 swimmers
New Jersey            10,000 miles  96 swimmers

"Go the Distance" at the end of June 2010
Name Age Mileage
Sandra L Carosi F44 529.7
David Juchniewicz M56 380.76
Nancy Steadman Martin F56 331.57
Jennifer L Bauman F38 315.98
Lynn Ascione F43 302.22
Anne-France A Saillot F48 209.18
Timothy J Christian M48 202.22
Richard C Clew M45 201.04
Ronald J Epstein M43 195.45
Erika Maresca F36 194.84
Jean Rutter F51 188.73
Michael Fanelli M56 179.59
Bridgette A Hobart F48 169.51
Gail F Seelig F60 164.81
Karen L Charen F50 161.6
June F Carson F62 160.12
Douglas S Miller M38 157.89
Curtis Miller M50 151.63
Susan Kirk F50 148.5
Joseph C Flanagan M46 148.29
Ed M Tsuzuki M52 146.22
Leigh G Segal F45 145.75
Andrea Luallen-Egg F45 142.73
Steve Glassman M62 141.68
Marie H Vellucci F61 140
Lisa D Rivera F28 134.8
Jenny M Fowler F28 129.23
Mary M Teel F57 128.7
Robert E Franks M53 127.05
Erik Werfel M47 126.6
Michael S Sirkin M47 124.89
Lisa E Picek F31 117.24
Jay Muldoon M55 114.94
Amy S Carow F49 113.4
Beth B Alemy F39 112.39
Kevin D Seise M36 109.66
Richard D Carlson M57 109.32
Sherri A Plunkett F44 108.73
Sara H Johnston F46 108.35
Carol A Martyniuk F58 106.11
Rocco J Celentano M41 101.88
Nancy Finn F49 101.5
Janice E Baker F50 98.1
Carol R Morman F58 97.94
Jerry A Katz M72 93.72
Edward M Tirpack M55 93.3
Barry A Bachenheimer M40 91.25
Elise M Tatham F63 88
Paula M Pyrcz F65 87.22
James C Esposito M31 83.24
Rosanne Lemongello F48 80.75
Julie A Sheaffer F46 78.44
Mark S Hoffman M49 76.96
Robert J Fetter M33 75.5
Neile A Cooper F35 73.85
Michael P May M32 73.5
Peter L Van Nuis M57 71.62
Robert A Scott M45 70.28
Larry E Lengle M77 69.97
Brian Hopkins M34 69.21
Ursula Kohama F53 67.41
Carrie A Fellens F36 66.88
Susan W Olesky F54 63.24
Nancy G Moore F53 63.21
Bob Hopkins M68 62.64
Ronald A Loria M55 59.76
Ilse Wolfe F46 54.55
Chip Freund M48 54.31
Edward F O'Hara M64 54.12
Elizabeth B Burton F45 53.08
Rick Schluter M54 50.97
Anthony Robinson M38 50.06
Rosemarie I Strawn F48 48.99
Ann E Mancuso F48 48.59
Rich Johnston M46 44.6
Kathleen A Reynolds F61 44.32
Anne Marie Nixon F30 43.89
William R Haas M75 40.37
Amy Campbell F49 39.82
Edward Buscemi M34 39.39
James W Curd M44 37.75
Michael O Lavitt M52 36.56
Ron Sabo M65 35
Cynthia Orinski F54 33.01
Bill Schuller M50 25.37
Mary Roodkowsky F57 22.78
Peter T Mc Coy M60 20.4
John A Sabatino M44 17.76
Chris Lowe M50 13.28
Ellen N Kranefuss F50 11.59
Ashley M Salter F28 3.32
Nancy Zwemmer F45 1.3