Lou Abel Distinguished Service Award

The Lou Abel Distinguished Service Award, established in 2011, was created in memory of Lou Abel (1936-2010), who as a 25 year continuous New Jersey LMSC member of U.S. Masters Swimming, had a strong role in the creation of U.S. Masters swimming in NJ and who remained a constant presence in the NJ Masters swimming community for the rest of his life. Lou served in many capacities as a local leader and it was his dedication and enthusiasm that inspired many adults to remain active and fit through swimming.

The award is intended to honor current or past members of the NJ LMSC swimming community who, like Lou, have contributed significantly to the growth and activities of U.S. Masters swimming in New Jersey. The award will be presented annually at the NJ LMSC Continuous Membership Awards Banquet if any recipients are selected (if none, it will not be presented that year).

Any current member of the NJ LMSC may nominate any current or past NJ LMSC member for this award.

The official nomination form is available below. All completed nominations should be emailed to Susan Kirk at sqkirk@gmail.com or mailed to her at 11 Waldon Road, Califon, NJ 07830.

The award recipient(s) will be selected from the nominations by the NJ LMSC Board and, if any recipients have been selected, the award winner(s) will be honored at the NJ LMSC Annual Continuous Membership Awards Banquet.

*** Please note that the Lou Abel Distinguished Service Award is a one-time only award and past recipients are not eligible for nomination
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Lou Abel Distinguished Service Award Recipients

* Chris McGiffin
* Rob and Cathy Copeland
* Susan Kirk

* Paul Kiell
* Ed Tsuzuki

* Bill Reichle
* Tom Brunson
* Bob Hopkins

* Tink Bolster