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Short Course Yards (SCY) - 25 yard pool
Women's Individual   Last Updated: 8/7/2022
Men's Individual   Last Updated: 8/7/2022
Women's Relays   Last Updated: 4/1/2006
Men's Relays   Last Updated: 5/29/2022
Mixed Relays   Last Updated: 7/10/2018
Short Course Meters (SCM) - 25 meter pool
Women's Individual   Last Updated: 12/4/2021
Men's Individual   Last Updated: 10/16/2022
Women's Relays   Last Updated: 12/31/2018
Men's Relays   Last Updated: 12/31/2018
Mixed Relays   Last Updated: 12/31/2018
Long Course Meters (LCM) - 50 meter pool
Women's Individual   Last Updated: 12/4/2021
Men's Individual   Last Updated: 12/4/2021
Women's Relays   Last Updated: 12/7/2015
Men's Relays   Last Updated: 9/4/2021
Mixed Relays   Last Updated: 9/11/2018
Open Water / Long Distance
3000 Yard Postal   Last Updated: 12/9/2020
6000 Yard Postal   Last Updated: 3/31/2014
One Hour Postal   Last Updated: 11/20/2022
5K Postal   Last Updated: 11/20/2022
10K Postal   Last Updated: 3/31/2014
One Mile Cable   Last Updated: 12/4/2021
Two Mile Cable   Last Updated: 6/20/2016

NJ LMSC Record Submissions: Any official time swum in competition at a USMS sanctioned or recognized event, by a swimmer registered in the New Jersey LMSC will be considered for a New Jersey LMSC record.This includes meets that take place outside of New Jersey, and can also include times at YMCA meets, as long as the meet is sanctioned or recognized. An "official" swim must be supported with "official" documentation.  

This includes:

  • Event results posted to an Internet site
  • Hard copy of event results
  • Hard copy of medal or ribbon label  

Personal recollection of a time communicated via e-mail or phone call can not be accepted.  

To submit a time, send web site address via e-mail to Ed Tsuzuki or send supporting documentation to:

Ed Tsuzuki
NJ LMSC Records
103 Orion Way
Neshanic Station, NJ 08853-4264